Auggie Vereecken  has been building water features for Waterwalls since the company first began, fifteen years ago.  As a young child, he grew up watching his father take pride in top-quality workmanship as well as strive hard to create a well rounded knowledge base.  Auggie’s construction career began as a plumber as well as remodeling houses and kitchens.  He then spent many years as a high-end finish carpenter for elegant custom homes.  He works hard at learning new skills such as incorporating stainless-steel fabrication in some of Waterwalls water feature designs.  His fascination for beautiful, high-end products that require special attention to detail helped provide the inspiration and catalyst for laying down a foundation for creating Waterwalls wonderful works of art.


Waterwalls, Inc. resources include many backgrounds of expertise as it relates to water:

[Ceramics, textile design, graphic arts, stainless-steel and glass art.] 











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