Waterwalls Gallery

  Belltown/Seattle, WA. condo high rise lobby, 10 ft 6 in by 17 ft tall, rustic clad Island stone, weave pattern, auto filler, easy drain, lighting within the valance.

    Lake Sammamish, WA. residence, New construction, Very technical. 40 in x 10 ft tall, solid 2 layers of 2 cm black granite, 5 different textures of water surface giving the water 5 different effects and speeds, 1) 2 in polished edgework. 2) 12 in wave wall. 3) 4 in sandblasted surface 4) 5 in polished surface 5) 10 in inlay of black polished beach rock with grout. 6) 5 in. wave wall 7) and back to a 2 in polished bull nose edgework. Wall hung with a  in. shadow off of wall, basin integrated into floor custom hearth of granite, wall mounted pewter lighting.    4.5) (Has no number by it.) Aegis living headquarters lobby 4 ft x 24 ft, radius translucent 5/8 in glass mosaic water surface, lighting in valance, multicolored slate frame work, beach covering the water, handmade signage mounted out in front of water with sand blasted co. logo and back lit to extenuate the logo.



   Redmond, WA. residence. Three-tower, fractured face (18 in x 50in- 20 in x 62in- 24 in x 72 in) each with valance lighting -a corner basin with custom stone like pint job and travertine basin cap, existing home.

   Try City, WA. residence. 7 ft x 10 ft tall travertine backdrop and fractured face with black granite fracture overlaid, fracture art glass in the mix 5 racue glazed salmon, lighting in valance broken travertine in basin, remote pump location. New construction, auto filler.



   Agio Redmond, WA. day spa. Two 14 in x 18 ft long creeks flanking a cedar bridge heavy flow of water over a multi-colored beach rock bed grouted into place with lighting in the ceiling creating a nice sparkle off the rocks very creek like sound, new construction

   Agio Redmond, WA  day spa. Three 3ft x 8ft glass panels with real seaweed entombed with the glass, custom copper colored basin paint with a slate top cap and black Mexican beach rock topping, bottom lit, new construction.  









        Last modified: October 12, 2007