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You could call this one of those free-style projects.  My client said, “Auggie, this is your area, what do you think we should do with it?”  An irresistible challenge, no doubt.  Just from looking around at my client’s taste, I knew that it would have to be something spectacular that captures the attention of guests and becomes the focal place where people gravitate.

This was a fun, whimsical piece that gave me the opportunity to showcase Waterwalls’ signature style, custom art-glass.  Notice the LED lighting gently glowing and accentuating the amazing wave-wall action. Waterwalls, Inc. designs and builds with longevity and user friendliness in mind by using only top-quality mechanical and lighting equipment.


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 Telephone:   (206) 271-7482

  Electronic mail: Auggie Vereecken [auggie@waterwalls.com]







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